I am 'Flat Arc'

Artist Manifesto: 

I am a protagonist artist that does not change my principles with time. I am a believer in ultimate freedom for real creativity. I need little or no change because it doesn't matter what society thinks about my work today. It's nobody's right to have a definition of art, especially when science is failing to understand what consciousness itself is. Every museum, studios, middle person, art critics and experts all shall be questioned to sustain creativity and endorse infamous original works.

About my style in a nutshell: It originates when I realise 'Data' by itself never lies it will always be true in its raw state, only when it becomes information it gets manipulated. My quest for beauty in complex systems and big datasets is what made me discover a new paradigm shift in art. I started trusting data and machines more than anything else because they can never be wrong. This idea became fascinating for me to play with data and studying them as an artist and being able to visualise it artistically. And leaving it out to the audience to interpret it.

Also, the underlying beauty I discovered in these complex datasets and systems were extraordinary with the help of computational methods.

My idea of creating 'Data Artworks' and 'Complex systems Artworks' editions can be a paradigm shift, As the storytelling element, is the visual itself here. Every renowned artist of our past art movement had a medium and approach that made them what they are, In the 21 century of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, I challenge the traditional methods by studying 'complex systems', Choosing data points as my paint and machine intelligence as my brush.

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Data Art's Future concept renders