Project name: ML Paintings (Old Bitcoin Paintings)

Addition to my quest for visualizing complexity of computational thinking and using data as my paint. With the service of AI (artificial intelligence) such as generative adversarial network (GAN) and many other to create amalgamations to analyze form by an artistic thinking with the help of machine intelligence. Not a single source from any original art is used to create these paintings. Used NASA's public collection of Hubble telescope cosmos images. The model itself ended up giving it vibes of unique historic art movement styles. Just to get philosophical, As we have not yet figured out what conscious itself is, then how can we define what art should be.

Also a unique opportunity when you need to think about parametric form with unusual physics which cannot exist in reality, this is where machine intelligence services you with power of exploring unusual and other-worldly forms and experiences. Refer my other 'Data Art' project pages for more about inspirations. This current piece of work was a tribute to the fascinating, daring Bitcoin-crypto-community and people who love decentralization. Unbelievable paradigm shift that will change everything that we know as norms.

Ethereum Edition - Imagining the future of crypto inspired art​