Dream Sculptures

An amalgamation where artist imaginations are powered by AI/Data. Each sculpture is an abstract depiction of instances from open source brain MRI scan dataset trained on a custom stylegan. Finally dreams from dreambank.net is leveraged to identify emotions from individual dreams from over 20k volunteer reports And a NLU analyses the emotions in each dream and gives final color touch by using color psychology.

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Endangered Feathers

Artistic depictions of the most fascinating textures and colors of our wildlife, Curated list of parrots which are at the verge of extinction majorly because of deforestation and losing of habitats.

Trained on nvidia's stylegan2 model, upscaled using other AI tools for details and finally created the feather models in 3d to artificially capture/appreciate the essence of mother nature.



Fascinating Fungi - Data Artwork (72k data points)

"Nature alone is antique and the oldest art a mushroom"

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Data Sketches

Endangered Scales

'The Endangered' series was born as an urge to spread message to the wider world about our great seas and rivers through my art.

The art is a representation of the natural beauty (texture/color) of the endangered species enlisted by WWF and IUCN Red list. Process briefly explained below how AI/Machine learning was used to bring in power to represent the heavy dataset into a hallucinating machine dream. Along with the sea turbulence essence.

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